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Get started with small recruitment businesses to focus on their business and not worry about job boards. Just get a business name and domain, and let us know, and we will set it up all for you.

Features :

* Setup in a day

* Totally Free

* Free hosting

* No commission or percentage in profits

* Your data is your data

* SSL connections

* Basic SEO done

* Job board with many features

* Integration options with job boards

* 100% full reveue

* Aggregation available

* Your data is 100% yours

* Premium theme

Our other Services
* Services

* UX/UI Design

* Development

* Marketing

* App Design

* Automation & Analytics - Automate by implementing CI-CD pratices, and integrating with BI tools to gain insights from your systems & data.

* IT Support and Maintenance - We make flexibility, responsiveness and cost-efficiency the cornerstones of our IT support services for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

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