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How much are you aware while buying diamonds? If you don't buy jewelry all the time, it's very unlikely that you've done a lot of research into diamond quality. You might have some vague idea.Diamonds became the traditional symbol of love and luxury in ancient Greece and Rome. Also, throughout the ages Kings have worn diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage, invincibility and power.

Diamonds Have Been Given as Romantic Gifts for Over thousand Years. Few gifts are as timeless as a brilliant diamond.

Select Designer Diamond Jewellery:

* Gentlemans Princess and Baguette Diamond Ring

* Round Diamond Solitaire Tapered Baguette Accent Engagement Ring

* 10 Row Horizontal Channel Set Diamond Band

* Princess Solitaire Round and Baguette Diamond Ring

* Gentlemans 3 Stone Diamond Bypass Tapered Band

* Round Diamond Square Halo Semi Mount Ring

* Cartier Love Diamond Solitaire Band

* Sharded Prong Diamolnd Band in White Gold

* Channel Set Diamond Band in White Gold

* Vera Wang Love Collection Diamond Halo Sapphire Accent Engagement Ring

* Gentlemans Diamond Tapered Ring in Yellow Gold

* Baguette Diamond Heart Shape Semi Mounting

Nearly 50 years after it was founded, E.D. Marshall Jewelers has five locations and continues to thrive as one of the leading jewelry retailers in Arizona. The beautiful showrooms continue to display the tradition of manufacturing original fine jewelry designs with an emphasis on perfection of craftsmanship. The selection of jewelry, diamonds, South Sea pearls, watches and gems is simply unequaled anywhere in Arizona. Whether buying or selling, we are committed to providing exceptional value and customer service.

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