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Music of the 80s
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Outstanding artists of the music of the 80s
The music of the 80s was an explosion of color and joy in a Spain that wanted little or nothing to resemble the one that lived under the yoke of previous years. In the 80s, groups as characteristic of Spanish pop or rock as La Unión, Radio Futura, Los Secretos, Hombres G or Mecano appeared. They swept away songs like Como el Agua de Camarón, with the great Paco de Lucía or Se nos rompió el amor, by Rocío Jurado.

Internationally, the 80s became a powder keg of creativity. Artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston and groups like Metallica, Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, Depeche Mode or George Michael found their place on the stages of half the world.

The Best songs of the 80s
This golden decade, as described by the generations that enjoyed the music of the 80s, was filled with songs with national and international artists who settled in the radio charts and television programs becoming the music of the 80s symbols of this era. It has not been easy to choose, but here we share our best'.

* Heat school. Radio Futura

* Not you or anyone. Alaska and Dinarama

* Dancing. Alaska and the Pegamoids

* Somewhere. Duncan Dhu

* Insurrection. The Last of the Row

* Voyage Voyage. Desireless

* I want to dance with somebody. Whitney Houston

* One hundred seagulls. Duncan Dhu

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